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The public school system accounts for 57% of Montgomery County’s $4.3 Billion budget, edging out other valid and essential County services such as public safety, libraries and transportation, which received 34% of County spending.
* County Council Reports

Montgomery County’s bloated Education Bureaucracy includes 2,626 bureaucrats who make more than $100,000 a year and who don?t report to work in a classroom.

* MFP Committee Memorandum #1 April 29, 2010.

The Superintendent of Montgomery County public schools makes somewhere around $400,000 a year; but the exact figure is cloaked in absolute secrecy. Mr. Weast’s contract, which has never been made public, includes a 6% annual raise which goes into a separate retirement account, according to a report by the D.C. Examiner 7/14/08.

With 22,000 employees the Montgomery County public school system accounts for roughly two-thirds of the personnel cost (work years) in the County. Actual Countywide personnel costs (not including the school system) represent 57.2% of the County’s current budget, not 82% as the County sometimes claims and is often misreported in the media. *County Executive Budget Summaries, Schedule B-4, page 70-7.

County personnel costs declined 4.7% in the current budget, while debt service increased by 50.3%. Iin other words, it’s not lavish pay and benefits that are swelling the cost of County government.
A key reason for that marked decline in personel costs: County employees VOLUNTARILY gave up scheduled pay raises two years in a row at the bargaining table saving the county $280.2 million.

* County Council Staff Reports

Where are the priorities: people or corporate welfare?

In September 2010, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett recommended an ‘expedited’ bill to give Lockheed Martin a tax break worth $450,000 out of concern for maintaining a good climate for business in the County. An outcry by County workers and citizens forced the County Council to withdraw the bill.
* County Council Expedited Bill 44-10.

The Montgomery County Council and the County Executive gave $11 million of taxpayer money to a private developer to build a rock and roll nightclub in Silver Spring. They took $3 million of that money from Silver Spring Library projects.
* Montgomery Gazette August 20, 2010 “Live Nation concert hall project $3.2 million over budget”

The County Council gave $4 million to assist Costco to locate in the Westfield Mall Wheaton Plaza.
* Washington Examiner 7/29/10 “Montgomery Unveils Wheaton Revitalizations Plan”