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Montgomery County will spend $4.3 billion this year to fund the priorities established by the County Executive in consultation with the County Council. Public safety—police, fire and rescue service—and libraries were among the essential services that were subjected to deep budget cuts resulting in police manpower shortages, reductions in fire and rescue staffing and cutbacks in hours and programs including the popular children’s summer reading program in our County libraries.

• 58 fewer police officers are on the street.

• 23 front line fire fighter positions remain unfilled.

• 129 library positions have been abolished and library budget reduced by 30% in the last 2 years.

Consequently, the quality of life in Montgomery County is in decline. Our County’s elected representatives avoided other viable alternatives in the current budget, including closer scrutiny of the School Board’s $2.45 billion budget that was superficially cut by the County Executive and the Council.

PROTECT YOUR MONTGOMERY, a coalition supporting essential public services, FULLY SUPPORTS THE COUNTY’S STATED COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION. In fact, we believe that the top-heavy Education Bureaucracy, that consumes 57% of all spending in the County and pays for the 2,626 BOE administrators making in excess of $100,000 contributes very little to the education system. Unchecked spending for a top heavy education bureaucracy is crowding out available funds for critical County services that protect residents and their families.  As the County goes forward on a search for a new County School Superintendent, we recommend that the compensation package for the new Superintendent’s position must be open and transparent and far more modest than that paid to outgoing Superintendent Jerry Weast.

These are choices the politicians have made, but the County’s residents will live with the consequences for the remainder of this year, and possibly long into the future. Demand a more effective approach in the coming years sign our petition below and send it to the County Executive and the Council.