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Why is Valerie Ervin Pushing the Right Wing’s Agenda to Kill Public Employee Bargaining?

Why is Valerie Ervin Pushing the Right Wing’s Agenda to Kill Public Employee Bargaining?

ervin-flyer-3_11Immediately after her re-election on the strength of overwhelming labor support; right after her designation as President of the Montgomery County Council, Valerie Ervin turned her back on union principles to feed her boundless ambition…and to ingratiate herself to the anti-union voice of the Washington Post’s editorial page.

The very first bill Montgomery County Council President Valerie Ervin (former UFCW Organizer, former Dean of Students at the National Labor College) introduced as Council President was a bill to undermine collective bargaining for three public worker unions in Montgomery County.

Reminiscent of Ronald Reagan, who opened a new era of union-busting in America when he fired PATCO strikers in 1981, Ervin says public workers are “different” from all other workers “because taxpayers are the ones paying the freight.” [Washington Post, Robert McCartney, June 29, 2011]

Like Reagan, she flashes her union credentials while she trashes Montgomery County’s public workers and their unions.

Even as she slaps the County’s public workers, Ervin uses her other hand to try to hold on to labor support in the private sector for her future options. Clearly, she believes that her stint on the Montgomery County Council is not a final destination, just a stopover on the way to higher office.

Ervin also introduced (as a “courtesy” to the controversial Organizational Reform Commission) three other bills to blow up public employee bargaining in the County in July. One of those bills would have required collective bargaining negotiations to be performed in the glare of the public spotlight. That bill was nearly identical to a “model” bill developed by the anti-union American Legislative Exchange Council, one of the key players in the public worker disputes in Wisconsin and which is heavily funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers.

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